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Executive Board

From Left to Right:

President: Jen Darragh

Vice President: Jonathan Petters

Treasurer: Christopher Eaker

Secretary: Rachel Woodbrook

Past President: Tobin Magle (2019 - 2020)

Chairs of Action Committees

Conference Planning Co-Chairs: Amelia Kallaher and Reid Otsuji

Education and Resources Co-chairs: Jon Wheeler and Abigail Goben

Marketing Co-Chairs: Cameron Cook and Laura Palumbo

Membership Committee: Amy Neeser and Katie Wilson

Publishing: Tina Griffin

Sponsorship: Shannon Farrell and Megan O’Donnell

Website: Reid Boehm and Sawyer Newman

Members of Action Committees

Conference Planning Committee:

Lora Leligdon, Tess Grynoch, Amy Yarnell, Megan Sheffield, Katie Wilson, Rebecca Olson, Fernando Rios, Melissa Chomintra, Kimberly MacKenzie, Hannah Calkins

Education & Resources Committee:

Chris Wiley, Marian Ekweogwu, Julia Hon, Erica Johns, Shannon Sheridan, B.P. Singh, Wladimir Labeikovsky, Ann Myatt James, Courtney Kearney, Yong Liu, Sarah Wright

Marketing Committee:

Elena Azadbakht, Heather Ganshorn 

Membership Committee:

Mary Ellen Sloane, Nick Ruhs, Kat Koziar, Jonathan Bohan, Reid Otsuji


Regina Raboin (special advisor), Caitlin Bakker, Sara Mannheimer, Alicia Krzton, Lora Lennertz, Heather Coates


Daureen Nesdill, Jen Ferguson, Margaret Jantz, Wanda Marsolek


Matthew Harp

2019-2020 Leaders

2018-2019 Leaders


The RDAP community brings together a variety of individuals, including data managers and curators, librarians, archivists, researchers, educators, students, technologists, and data scientists from academic institutions, data centers, funding agencies, and industry who represent a wide range of STEM disciplines, social sciences, and humanities.



Mailing Address:
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Columbus, OH 43220


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