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Scholarship recipient reflections on RDAP 2024 – Elaine Kong

April 22, 2024 9:14 AM | Jennifer Chaput (Administrator)

My name is Elaine Kong, a first-year PhD student in Library and Information Science (LIS) at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Computing and Information. Attending the RDAP Summit was an invaluable experience, especially as a first-time attendee. I'm deeply appreciative of the sponsors for funding my scholarship, which made my participation possible and highlights the importance of accessibility in professional development opportunities.

The 2024 theme, “Bridging Boundaries: Interoperability in the Data Community” resonated with me due to its focus on collaboration and integration within the data community. The keynote address on the development of data metrics was particularly enlightening, emphasizing the evolving practices in data management and evaluation. Understanding the significance of data metrics in responsible data stewardship and their role in assessing the usage of open datasets was fascinating, highlighting the importance of continual improvement in data management practices.

One presentation that left a lasting impression was “Identifying Patterns of Racial Discrimination through Natural Language Processing”. The innovative approach of analyzing sentences and visualizing similarities across covenants opened my eyes to the potential applications of technology in addressing societal issues. The proposed future work, including implementing a spell checker and enhancing visualization capabilities, holds promise for further exploration into racial discrimination clauses and signatory restrictions.

The Buddy Program was a highlight of my experience. Learning from an experienced mentor provided valuable insights and guidance for my future career in LIS. The advice and mentorship have already begun shaping my professional journey, and I look forward to applying these lessons moving forward.

Moreover, the poster sessions provided a wealth of knowledge on various methodologies and practical projects in data services. Specific projects, such as “LIbrary Data Services (LIDS) dataset: A Golden Gate(way) to Collaboration” and “Data Bloom: Bridging Communities through Data Workshops”, showcased innovative approaches to data services in libraries. These projects stood out to me for their ability to bridge communities and foster collaboration through data-driven initiatives.

In addition, the social events for new members and first-time attendees, such as the social kickstart and game night, provided excellent networking opportunities and fostered a sense of community among participants.

In conclusion, the RDAP Summit was a transformative experience that equipped me with valuable skills, insights, and connections that will undoubtedly benefit my career in LIS. I'm grateful for the opportunity to attend and eager to continue applying what I've learned in my academic and professional endeavors, furthering my contributions to the field of LIS.


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