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Scholarship recipient reflections on RDAP 2024 - Rachael Beal

April 05, 2024 3:43 PM | Jennifer Chaput (Administrator)

Reflecting on RDAP Summit 2024: Fostering Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration

As a current library and information science MA student, attending the RDAP 2024 Summit Conference was a transformative experience. Throughout the conference, I delved into discussions surrounding the intersection of data accessibility, interdisciplinary research, and community-centered approaches. This immersive event not only broadened my perspectives but also provided invaluable insights that I am eager to apply in my academic and professional endeavors.

One of the standout aspects of the Summit was the emphasis on leveraging others' research, workflows, and insights to inform and enrich my own work. Sessions and presentations showcased diverse applications of research in enhancing data accessibility across interdisciplinary domains. Particularly compelling were discussions on reaching out to various disciplines to facilitate their data management workflows and fostering a deeper understanding of research approaches and purposes across disciplines. This resonated deeply with my research interests, especially in the context of emerging technologies like generative AI and machine learning. Many speakers and sessions resonated with my belief in the transformative power of community engagement in shaping research practices and outcomes. Furthermore, the Summit's theme, "Building on Experience: Centering Communities in Data Creation and Access," underscored the significance of prioritizing inclusivity and collaboration in data stewardship efforts.

Throughout the conference, I was inspired by the passionate speakers who shared their experiences and insights. Engaging with these speakers and fellow attendees allowed for stimulating discussions and invaluable networking opportunities. The enthusiasm with which my questions were met highlighted the supportive and collaborative ethos of the RDAP community. I enjoyed having the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with like-minded professionals and researchers. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose fostered an enriching learning environment. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of practical insights and strategies offered to address real-world challenges in data management and accessibility.

Looking ahead, I am excited to integrate the knowledge and insights gained from the RDAP Summit into my research and professional practice. I am confident that the connections made and lessons learned will continue to guide my journey as a researcher and member of the RDAP community. The Summit has reinforced my commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and community-centered approaches in data access and preservation efforts, and I look forward to contributing to these endeavors in meaningful ways.


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