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Scholarship recipient reflections on RDAP 2024 – Perrine Gaudry

April 03, 2024 9:27 AM | Jennifer Chaput (Administrator)

As a Visiting Assistant Professor at Emory University, specializing in gender studies and photography, my attendance at the Summit proved to be an enlightening experience, particularly concerning the accessibility, reproducibility, and long-term preservation of data and archives—a crucial aspect of my research in developing a queer photography website. This platform aims to showcase LGBTQI archives and contemporary queer photography images, necessitating an extension of my expertise in data archives and management. One key insight gleaned from the Summit was the significance of archiving research software, a topic previously overlooked in my considerations. The session underscored the pivotal role of software in achieving reproducibility in scholarly work. Discovering tools like Memento Tracer, facilitating the creation of repeatable formats for archiving websites, and OCCAM, ensuring the quality of scholarly software, provided valuable knowledge to integrate into my website development. By incorporating these tools, not only can the preservation of LGBTQI archives and contemporary queer photography be enhanced, but also the reproducibility and integrity of the research process. 

What stood out most during the Summit was the abundance of resources available for research data management (RDM). As someone relatively new to this field, the discovery of different reports on making research data publicly accessible proved immensely beneficial. Additionally, the Summer RDM Workshops offered practical guidance on integrating RDM into academic practice. The Summit served as a platform to explore diverse perspectives and initiatives in RDM, shedding light on the varying levels of support provided by different institutions. While some institutions boast robust support for regulated research data management, others are still in the developmental stages of their frameworks. Understanding these nuances will shape my approach to data management within my academic and archival projects, ensuring their efficacy and longevity.


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