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Scholarship recipient reflections on RDAP 2024 – Nanditha Krishna

April 01, 2024 9:12 AM | Jennifer Chaput (Administrator)

Attending the RDAP Summit 2024 as a recipient of both the RDAP Summit Scholarship and an RDAP membership has been an incredibly enriching personal experience for me. The summit, held online this March, provided a platform for me to grasp the depth of the diverse and powerful world of research data access and preservation.

One standout aspect of this experience has been my pairing with a mentor, Ali Krzton, who guided me through the entirety of the conference's ecosystem. Initially, navigating the conference schedule and platform, PheedLoop, seemed daunting, but with Ali's assistance through email exchange, I was able to seamlessly explore the various sessions and workshops on offer. Ali has been extremely supportive, kind, and thoughtful in offering her help and insights, and her enthusiasm truly worked wonders. Ali's own lightning talk, 'Enriching IR Metadata via the DOI Registrar,' emphasized the need to curate and improve metadata for better accessibility and visibility.

Another session that particularly resonated with me was the keynote address by Iratxe Puebla titled 'Responsible Data Stewardship Needs Data Metrics.' The session underscored the significance of data metrics in ensuring responsible data stewardship and highlighted the potential limitations in the exposure of datasets despite having assigned DOIs. 

Another intriguing session was 'Bridging Data Literacy Boundaries with a Data Management Plan Email Course' by Kaitlin Throgmorton. This innovative approach to data literacy, delivered through asynchronous email modules, emphasized the importance of self-guided learning and leveraging existing tools for enhancing data management skills. It was one of the key takeaway sessions for me. As a frequent email user myself, I am motivated to simplify learning through basic technological tools. While email may seem basic to the current generation, its efficient use can make education accessible, enabling seamless and efficient learning for almost everyone on a global scale.

Throughout the summit, I took notes, capturing key insights on various topics, including all the new things that I learned about Research Data Framework (RDaF), FAIR data principles, open data policy, data sharing policies, metadata management, and transparent data metrics. Additionally, I gained valuable insights into initiatives such as the Data Citation Corpus, data catalogs, and projects like Make Data Count and DataCite. I also learned why and how research data access and preservation are vital components of scientific progress and integrity, facilitating reproducibility, transparency, and collaboration across disciplines. Accessible data not only supports knowledge advancement and innovation but also informs evidence-based policymaking and fosters public engagement with science. Ethical considerations emphasize the need to protect data while ensuring its availability for scrutiny and future reference, ultimately enhancing the long-term impact and relevance of research efforts.

I was thoroughly impressed by the remarkable organization demonstrated by the RDAP team throughout the entire summit experience. From receiving timely email updates to navigating the conference schedules seamlessly on the PheedLoop platform, which I tried for the first time ever, every aspect of the ecosystem was impeccably managed and easily accessible. The efficiency and attention to detail displayed by the team made the entire event a smooth and enjoyable experience, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Most importantly and overall, my experience at the RDAP Summit 2024 was not only educational but also inspiring. It reaffirmed my commitment to advancing research data access and preservation, equipping me with valuable knowledge and resources to contribute meaningfully to this evolving field. I am greatly looking forward to contributing as an RDAP member in meaningful and productive ways in the upcoming year.

Nanditha Krishna
Integrated Masters (M.A) English Language and Literature (2019-2024)
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amritapuri, India


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