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Scholarship winners reflect on RDAP22 - Josiline Chigwada

May 02, 2022 4:24 PM | Elena Azadbakht

My name is Josiline Chigwada, the Deputy Librarian at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) in Zimbabwe. It has been an honour to receive a scholarship to attend the RDAP summit in 2022. This was my first time to attend the RDAP summit and I am grateful to the sponsors who made this a reality and the conference organisers. 

I have learnt a lot during the 2022 summit but of note is the issue of responsible and inclusive data ethics. Our library assists researchers with research data management services and as an author myself I also archive my research data in various data repositories as well as use the data for research purposes. I learnt that it is important to make data analytics ethical since there are bad ways of presenting graphs and charts when doing data visualisation; for example, the use of colour to represent ethnicities in communities. As a researcher, people should be wary of expressing racial discrimination during the process. 

A topic that I had never thought of before was the extraction of data from graphs digitally. Previously, I thought graphs can only be done after analysing the data. As a result, the software tools that were created to automate the steps in the data extraction process can be very useful to accomplish such tasks. 

The topic on embedded librarianship thrilled me where the presenter indicated the need to enroll in an undergraduate course of a school or faculty that a subject librarian is serving. This would help in bringing more knowledge and skills in assisting the students within that school/faculty. This quote was very useful to me: “For university data librarians, informally embedding in undergraduate coursework can help us understand our communities and be more effective librarians.” This shows that as librarians, we should have the knowledge of the subjects covered in faculties/schools that we serve. This was an inspiration and we will consider that in our institution through encouraging our subject librarians to enroll in courses within their schools to be specialists.

The conference theme, from my own understanding and experience, speaks more about open data whereby researchers are able to access all data facets without restriction.


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