Webinar: How Researchers Use Open Source Tools to Facilitate Collaboration


January 23, 2018 3:00 PM Eastern


Host: Jennifer Freeman Smith

This webinar will explore how researchers use new technologies to manage their workflows, facilitate collaboration, and share aspects of their work. Panelists will present examples of different research teams’ collaborative processes, including how they managed roles, archived study materials, and made sharing determinations. They will also describe how the choice of tools allows them to have insight into the active research process and consult on preservation and discovery. The researchers profiled all use the Open Science Framework (https://osf.io ) as a collaborative research platform to house their diverse project materials, along with other related cloud-based platforms.


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Andi Ogier and Dr. Anne Brown of the University Libraries at Virginia Tech will showcase an example of a research lab’s OSF project that provides standard operating procedures, scripts, and collaborative project details as well as training materials for students. This lab trains student-scientists in data collection and management, in addition to giving them the ability to present and organize projects in ways that are accessible to their peers, collaborators, and the general public.

Vicky Steeves is the Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility at New York University. She’ll be discussing integrating coding workflows with the OSF, and publishing complete research projects (code, data, documentation, manuscript).

Natalie Meyers is an E-Research Librarian at University of Notre Dame’s Center for Digital Scholarship. She’ll present examples from a malaria project on vector disease modeling, a distributed pharmaceutical analysis laboratory project, a high energy physics project, and an IMLS planning grant project.