Thank you, IASSIST!

The RDAP Summit will convene in Atlanta, less than a month from now. The program is posted. Registration is still open.

This year, several generous sponsors lent support to our community: libraries, professional organizations, data publishers. Our sponsors share a commitment to the work of data access and preservation. The International Association for Social Sciences Information Services and Technology (IASSIST) is one of them.


IASSIST supports RDAP as a Partner. Partners are the MVPs of the Summit and we raise a glass to them today! Check out how IASSIST can help you:

  • A smorgasbord of hands-on workshops at every IASSIST conference. This year, in Norway! If you’re not going to RDAP, I hope you’re going to Bergen. Learn more.

  • Interest groups. Join a diverse array of professionals on the Data Viz, Open Source, or Geospatial IGs. Jump in.

  • IASSIST Quarterly. In a sea of literature, IQ balances the practical and theoretical and regularly brings on guest editors for fascinating special issues. Read more.

For many of us, a professional organization has value when it exposes us to new ideas and practical skills. It welcomes diversity. It builds community. We come back to RDAP every year because of its focus on the issues and practices of research data professionals. Similarly, IASSIST draws together data and technology professionals in the social sciences: information specialists, methodologists and computing specialists, and researchers. International in focus, they support professionals from countries with emerging economies through the IASSIST Fellow Program. From our perspective, IASSIST is the perfect fit for someone who enjoys the RDAP Summit.

When you’re considering where to invest your professional dollars and time, seriously consider an IASSIST membership. It’s exceptionally affordable and a huge value whether you’re a social scientist or support people in the social sciences. If you’re already an IASSIST member and you’re attending RDAP, don’t be shy — tell us what you love about it!

Thanks again to IASSIST!

Carolyn Bishoff is the sponsorship coordinator for RDAP16. For more information, contact her at