A “Newbie” Experience at the RDAP18 – Something for Everyone

At RDAP all are welcome, and we truly mean it!

In her article “A Newbie at the RDAP Summit, or How I Learned that the RDAP Summit is for Everyone” published  in The Journal of eScience Librarianship,  Oakland University Research Data Librarian Joanna Thielen shares her experience as a first time, ‘newbie’ from a mid to small size institution attendee at RDAP18. Moving quickly from “initial hesitation” to engaged enthusiasm, Joanna explains the benefits of the summit structure, topics, and the overall inclusive and collegial atmosphere which encourages collaboration and information sharing. She describes RDAP as a serious, yet welcoming conference regardless of who you are, what your position is, or where you come from.

“I encourage any librarian with even an inkling of interest in research data management, access, or preservation to attend.” – Joanna Thielen

She also notes that RDAP is not just for librarians and that the diverse community of  “people working in government libraries, cultural heritage institutions, industry, data science, and funding agencies” really makes RDAP an impactful and unique experience for all.

Thanks for sharing your experience Joanna. Indeed we would have to agree with you, that there is something for everyone at RDAP!