RDAP’s Response to the Federal Data Strategy – by Amy Koshoffer

In this post RDAP Treasurer Amy Koshoffer, who facilitated the association’s response to the Federal Data Strategy request for comment,  presents the RDAP response submitted in July of 2018.

The Federal Data Strategy will shape how the government manages, provides access to, and preserves federal data.  As information and data professionals, our community is uniquely qualified both to provide guidance on data quality, access, and preservation of federal data and to highlight considerations for a successful long term strategy.  In early July 2018, the RDAP Executive Board invited community members to attend two town hall meetings and virtually author an RDAP collective response to the Federal Data Strategy. As RDAP is in its formative stages, the board felt that it was important to respond to the call from the Federal Government under the name of RDAP to reflect the steps we are taking to grow and become an independent association of information and data professionals defined by a common set of values.  The process is still ongoing, and we suggest that members consider responding to follow-up calls for feedback on the practices currently proposed.  The result of the RDAP community’s efforts so far follows: Continue reading “RDAP’s Response to the Federal Data Strategy – by Amy Koshoffer”