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2023 Summit Buddy Program

Is this your first RDAP Summit, or have you been away for a while and don’t know where to jump back in? Are you an experienced RDAP member interested in making new connections and sharing your wisdom?

For the virtual RDAP Summit 2023, we are organizing a buddy program where participants who are new to RDAP can be matched with someone who has been to an RDAP Summit before. The buddy program is flexible, and a great way to expand your network. We hope the program makes the Summit more inclusive, approachable, and useful for all participants.

The time commitment for participating in this program is minimal, roughly 2-3 hours over the course of two weeks. Buddies are encouraged to:

  • Send an email to your buddy, introducing yourself.
  • Schedule a Zoom call with your buddy before or during the Summit, to get to know each other and ask questions, and/or coordinate with your buddy to attend the Summit “Kickstart Day 2 Social” session on Wednesday, March 29 at 11 am Eastern where you will have dedicated space and time to meet with your buddy.
  • Schedule a Zoom call with your buddy towards the end of or after the Summit, to reflect on your experience and discuss any take-aways.

If you are interested in being involved in the buddy program, either as a mentor or as a mentee, look for the Buddy Program questions in the Summit registration form. 

Please note that we will try our best to match you with a buddy based on your answers, but we can't guarantee we'll be able to meet your requests. We may also need to assign more than two people to a buddy group; it will just depend on who else signs up!


The RDAP community brings together a variety of individuals, including data managers and curators, librarians, archivists, researchers, educators, students, technologists, and data scientists from academic institutions, data centers, funding agencies, and industry who represent a wide range of STEM disciplines, social sciences, and humanities.


Mailing Address:
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