RDAP 2019 Summit Advocate Level Sponsor Lab Archives

Thank you to our advocate level sponsor, LabArchives, for making the 2019 RDAP Summit possible. Get to know our sponsor with a message from LabArchives for the RDAP community.

Scientists, instructors and students research and learn. We supply a powerful platform that supports and amplifies that research and learning. LabArchives saves users time and money, leads to improved data management and overall outcomes. Everyone wins.

Our dynamic global team has created a do-it-all platform that supports research documentation, compliance and integrity, open access education and a digital approach to scientific learning and research.

We support users throughout their journey from paper lab notebook to digital platform. Our all star Support Team is comprised of past researchers, academics, scientists and instructors. They have successfully made the jump from paper to digital in their own work and have the know how to help others do the same, every step of the way.

For researchers and scientists, LabArchives is a secure and compliant platform that makes thorough documentation easy. LabArchive’s platform functions allow for seamless communication and collaboration in the lab and ensure that no data is lost over time or as researchers come and go. The days of searching for data in stacks of old paper notebooks needle-in-a-haystack style are long gone with LabArchives.

For instructors, students and TAs LabArchives is the only learning platform designed specifically for STEM education. All course content can be rolled out and updated via LabArchives and integrations with learning management systems, like Blackboard, make course management a breeze. Low cost digital OpenStax textbooks are available inside of LabArchives and this powerful combination saves students hundreds on course materials.

Supporting RDAP is important to LabArchives because we believe in providing accessible high quality tools and resources to those doing STEM research and learning. These tools are crucial in empowering these parties to manage data properly thus maximizing their results and learning.

For more about Lab Archives

Visit the Lab Archives table at the RDAP Summit or go to
https://www.labarchives.com/ to learn more.