RDAP 2019 Summit Contributor Level Sponsor Iowa State University Library

Thank you to our contributor level sponsor, Iowa State University Library, for making the 2019 RDAP Summit possible. Get to know our sponsor with a message for the RDAP community from Megan O’Donnell of Iowa State University.

Iowa State University is driven by its mission to create, share and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place. The University Library is an integral component of this charge and its programs and initiatives, such as DataShare, Iowa State’s new open data repository, are a testament to that.

DataShare, which launched in February, creates exciting opportunities for the library to serve local and international researchers. For the first time, scholars across the world can access data from Iowa State researchers in one central location, increasing public access to research data and advancing scientific knowledge. Institutional data repositories like DataShare are key to supporting local research with national and international reach.

In addition to DataShare, the University Library offers workshops on data management and best practices and works on making these into Open Educational Resource (OER) materials through its digital press and digital repository.  

RDAP Summit 2019 attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look into DataShare’s development process during a presentation by Megan O’Donnell, Data Services librarian. O’Donnell played a crucial role in designing and implementing the repository.

Iowa State University Library is a campus leader in data management and a proud sponsor of RDAP, which provides an important forum for librarians and data practitioners to meet and exchange ideas and research.

For more information about DataShare, visit iastate.figshare.com, or contact Megan O’Donnell at mno@iastate.edu  or on Twitter @mega_no.