RDAP 2019 Summit Contributor Level Sponsor Elsevier

Thank you to our contributor level sponsor, Elsevier, for making the 2019 RDAP Summit possible. Get to know our sponsor with a Q&A with Jean Shipman of Elsevier.

Describe your organization’s role in Research Data Management

Online training for librarians to learn the basics of RDM is being developed by a team of librarians.  This peer-to-peer training program is called the Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA). Funding for the curriculum development was provided by Elsevier. The online curriculum consists of eight units and will be available to anyone for no charge this fall. Continuing education credit will be offered by Simmons University on a cost-recovery basis.

Who are you and what do you do?

Jean P. Shipman, Vice President for Global Library Relations, Elsevier

Have you ever attended an RDAP Summit before?

Yes, one other meeting.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Summit?

The chance to network with librarians working with RDM.

What data-thing or project has you the most excited right now?

The RDMLA training program under development.

Why is sponsoring RDAP important to you?

We want to see librarians be an active member of the research lifecycle at their institutions.