RDAP 2019 Summit Contributor Level Sponsor Cornell University Library

Thank you to our contributor level sponsor, Cornell University Library, for making the 2019 RDAP Summit possible. Get to know our sponsor with a message for the RDAP community from Amelia Kallaher of Cornell University.

My name is Amelia Kallaher and I’m the Applied Social Sciences Librarian at the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University. I work with faculty and students around data discovery, data visualization, public policy-related research, and information and data literacy within the social science fields. Additionally, I’m a consultant for Cornell University’s Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG). 

The RDMSG is a collaborative, campus-wide organization that assists with creating and implementing data management plans, applying best practices for managing data, and finding data management services at any stage of the research process.1 The RDMSG’s broad range of science, policy, data, and information technology experts provide timely and professional assistance for the creation and implementation of data management plans, and help researchers find specialized data management services they require at any stage of the research process, including initial exploration, data gathering, analysis and description, long term preservation and access.2 

This will be my first time attending an RDAP. As an early career librarian, I’m excited to participate at the Summit in order to learn from others, engage with colleagues on potential projects and professional development opportunities, contribute my knowledge, and grow in my role around research data support. In my quest to find my professional home, my goal is to attend a variety of data conferences so I can “find my tribe” of librarians with similar interests. 

At this year’s Summit, I’m most looking forward to meeting other data librarians, networking, and having conversations about what they’re doing back at their library or university campus around supporting data services. I find attending small to medium sized conferences the best way to have these conversations and meet future collaborators because we’re not all running around a large convention center trying to find the room for the next session we want to hear from. I feel the RDAP Summit will be an excellent venue for meeting other data librarians and having quality conversations around ideas and projects. I am very excited to hear Julie Goldman’s (Harvard University) lightening talk “Building a Carpentries Community”, to see the poster from UC San Diego’s “Keeping up with The Carpentries” as well as Timothy B Norris and Chris Mader’s (University of Miami) poster “The Pulley Ridge Data Curation Experience”. 3 

Currently, I’m beginning work on creating a 1 credit social science data course in Canvas, a learning management system, for undergraduate and graduate students at Cornell University. This is a very exciting project to start working on and I’m looking forward to talking with colleagues at RDAP who may have taught 1 credit courses before on data related topics and to learn from their experiences. Also, I’m looking forward to pitching this idea and seeing if there are any interested librarians who would want to collaborate on creating this course so that it could become a template that may be used not only at Cornell University but other institutions as well. I’m especially interested in hearing from any librarians about possible Open Educational Resources (OERs) that exist or may need to be created that could support this course. 

Cornell University Library has been sponsoring RDAP for the past few years and it’s become a key venue for a lot of our data librarians’ professional development. I’m glad for the opportunity to join this legacy and look forward to attending the 2019 RDAP Summit. Being a sponsor of RDAP has always been a very important opportunity to Cornell University as the institution values research data management as a core service and knowledge provider for its researchers, faculty, and students. 


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