RDAP 2019 Summit Contributor Level Sponsor Arizona State University Library

Thank you to our contributor level sponsor, Arizona State University Library, for making the 2019 RDAP Summit possible. Get to know our sponsor with a message for the RDAP community from Matt Harp and Rene Tanner of ASU Library.

Supporting data management in support of innovation:
ASU Library and the 2019 RDAP Summit

Research data and its potential to transform our understanding of the world have engendered meaningful work for libraries around the management and sharing of data. At Arizona State University, the need to develop solutions that scale around data storage, data discovery, and data sharing are steering current efforts to address an increasingly pressing issue in the field of research: reproducibility.

As data librarians at ASU, our focus is on asking smart and strategic questions in order to facilitate successful and responsible use-inspired research that spurs further creativity and innovation. We strive toward making every information professional a data professional, regardless of background or discipline, and recognize the importance of strong alignment with professional communities, such as RDAP, to further support and advance data sciences.  

For all these reasons and more, we are proud to sponsor the 2019 RDAP Summit.

Through this sponsorship, we hope to bring greater awareness of our institution’s commitment to community learning opportunities, and gain greater knowledge around current efforts to support and guide researchers in data management planning, accessing and mining data resources, providing project-based data analysis and visualization opportunities, enabling hands-on experience with prototyping equipment and tools, and promoting Indigenous data sovereignty and community-driven research.

With inclusion as the driving force behind the ASU charter, we share common values with RDAP around the ethics, advocacy, openness, integrity and diversity of research data that is critical for our world leaders and policymakers to arrive at informed, participatory decisions.

We look forward to being part of the RDAP community.

Matthew Harp and Rene Tanner
Research and Publication Services, ASU Library