Meet our Sponsors: Iowa State University: Erin and Curtis

The Annual RDAP Summit wouldn’t be possible without our generous sponsors. This year we’ve asked each organization sponsoring at the contributor level or higher to introduce one (or two) of their staff members to the RDAP Community through a short interview.  Take a moment to get to know some of the faces you’ll see at this year’s summit.

Photo of Erin Thomas, Science and Technology Librarian,
Erin Thomas, Science and Technology Librarian, Iowa State University Library.

Today’s interviewees are Erin Thomas, Science and Technology Librarian, and Curtis Brundy, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communication and Collections both of Iowa State University Library.

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

Erin: “I’m a Science and Technology Librarian at Iowa State University. I’m primarily the liaison librarian for our departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, but I also teach data management best practices and work closely with our Data Services Librarian.”

Curtis: “I am the Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communication and Collections at Iowa State University. My scholarly communications role includes coordinating our efforts in the areas of open data, open educational resources, and open access.”

Q: Have you ever attended an RDAP Summit before?

Curtis Brundy, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communication and Collections, Iowa State University Library.
Curtis Brundy, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communication and Collections, Iowa State University Library.

Erin: “I attended my first RDAP Summit last year and, obviously, felt the experience was valuable enough to return for a second year. The presentations and posters covered topics that left me with a lot of food for thought, and it was a great opportunity to meet other professionals who are interested in some of the same things that I am.”

Curtis: “I have not.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Summit?

Erin: “Looking at the program for this year, I think I’m most looking forward to the presentation on underserved data communities. This is something I’ve been becoming more interested in the more I get involved in data management and data sharing, and I’m excited to see it on the agenda for this year’s Summit.”

Curtis: “I’m excited to meet folks who are working on similar data initiatives. I’ve only been involved with research data since my arrival at ISU last year. So I still have lots to learn and look forward to doing so at the Summit.”

Q: What data-thing or project has you the most excited right now?

Erin: “Ithaka S +R and the American Society of Civil Engineers have partnered with libraries in the US and Canada to investigate the research support needs of scholars in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Iowa State University is one of ten institutions participating in this project and, as one of two ISU librarians involved, I have been busily interviewing researchers at our campus. A significant portion of this research focuses on the data management and sharing practices and needs of researchers in this field. I’m excited to see what our local results will be, as well as those from the other participating institutions, and how those results can inform our services going forward.”

Curtis: “At the moment, I’m most excited about our local data projects here at ISU. The library has partnered with campus IT and the Office for the Vice President for Research on ISU’s first dedicated data repository. Administered by the library, our ISU branded Figshare repository, DataShare, will launch in the coming weeks. In addition, we are working with our IT and OVPR partners to develop additional services and guidelines to encourage and support data sharing.” 

Q: What else should the RDAP community should know about you and Iowa State?

Curtis: The Iowa State University Library is excited to be a sponsor of the RDAP Summit and we look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago!