RDAP Happenings, March 2019

RDAP Happenings, March 2019

Hello RDAP Community,

It’s been a busy year for RDAP as we work to transition from just an annual Summit to an independent association. One thing that the RDAP Board would like to improve upon is communication with its community. To this end, we will be sending out short newsletters regularly to better update you all on what the Board and committees are working on.


The RDAP Summit is scheduled for May 15-16, 2019 in Miami, FL, with a workshop day on Friday, May 17. The program has been finalized and is available. Registration is $209 and is NOW LIVE! Thanks to the conference chairs and committee for all their hard work on putting together this exciting program.

RDAP’s sponsorship committee has raised $25k to help support the conference and keep the registration cost low. We have received sponsorship from several vendors and professional organizations, but we could use a few more sponsorship dollars from academic institutions; please see the email from Trisha Adamus on 2019-02-26 for more information. And thank you to the Sponsorship committee for their hard work!

RDAP Association Business

The RDAP Association Board has been busy working out the logistics of establishing RDAP as an association. We now have our own bank account and are finalizing paperwork to set RDAP Association up as a 501(c)(3) organization – we’re already incorporated in the state of Ohio and are almost ready to submit the relevant paperwork to the IRS. Part of the 501(c)(3) process was to develop bylaws, which you might have seen a previous message about on the RDAP listserv. Thank you to Amy Koshoffer (Treasurer) and Daureen Nesdill (Bylaws Officer) for all of their work in this area.

The RDAP Association is making progress towards being a membership organization, but while we are now offering membership, we will not be charging a membership fee for the next year. Instead, we are asking for a donation from you based on what you feel membership in the RDAP Association is worth. Donations will help the RDAP Association with startup expenses, such as our 501(c)(3) application fees and conference production costs. More information on membership is available here: rdapassociation.org/membership/. Much appreciation to Christie Wiley (Membership Officer) for her work in this area.

The RDAP Association’s Board would also like to extend a hearty thank you to all who have been engaging in our requests for feedback or voting- your thoughts and choices drive our development and we couldn’t do it without you!


As we are in the process of building out and planning for the sustainable future of our community, we are faced with difficult decisions of how to prioritize infrastructure, community resources, and branding. One of those difficult decisions has been whether or not to purchase the logo voted on at RDAP18 from ASIS&T.

After much discussion and a leadership vote, RDAP leadership feels that the cost of the proposed logo from RDAP18 is prohibitive during these early stages of building our association. Leadership feels that the cost for retaining the logo could be better spent on building community resources and investing in infrastructure.

Though we have chosen to move forward without it, we want to be sure to acknowledge and thank the many incredible volunteers who gave their time to help create the previous logo choices for the RDAP community. We also want to extend our thanks to the RDAP community for being involved in these logo discussions (and voting) for the last few years.

Moving forward, we understand that branding is important for a professional association and for the immediate future we will continue to use our current logo, that was created by one of our long-time community members- Carolyn Bishoff! Given time constraints and workload balance during this transition year, we will encourage next year’s leadership to move forward with designing and choosing a logo for the community.


The Education and Resources committee is hard at work planning another webinar for the spring. Stay tuned for more information!

The Publishing committee is working on logistics for another RDAP special issue in JeSLIB (our first special issue is available). To that end, there will be a workshop at the Summit on Friday May 17 focused on turning a presentation or poster into a paper.

Keep an eye out for information on voting for next year’s RDAP leadership, which is the next big logistical issue for the RDAP Association Board to figure out. This will coincide with a call for volunteers to serve on the Board and as Action committee chairs. We hope you will participate in these activities to help the RDAP Association grow.

More Information & Contact

The RDAP Association website rdapassociation.org is continually being refined to have the look and feel of an association website, with more content being continually added. Thank you Marketing committee for making the website look so great!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to any Board member or email RDAPBoard at gmail.com.


The RDAP Association Board