Meet our Sponsors: Elsevier: Jean and Anita

The Annual RDAP Summit wouldn’t be possible without our generous sponsors. This year we’ve asked each organization sponsoring at the contributor level or higher to introduce one (or two) of their staff members to the RDAP Community through a short interview.  Take a moment to get to know some of the faces you’ll see at this year’s summit.

photo of Jean Shipman
Jean Shipman, VP for Global Library Relations, Elsevier

Today’s interviewees are Jean Shipman, VP for Global Library Relations and Anita de Waard, VP Research Data Collaborations from Elsevier

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

We are with Elsevier, a science publisher and information analytics company that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science and improve research performance.

Within Elsevier, we play different roles in two units.

Jean: “I am a conduit of information between Elsevier and librarians around the world. As a retired medical library director, I bring over 37 years of library experience to this position, along with my knowledge from serving as the Medical Library Association president from 2006-2007. I have also engaged with researchers, innovators, and faculty who have data management needs.”

photo of Anita de Waard
Anita de Waard, VP Research Data Collaborations, Elsevier

Anita: “As VP Research Data Collaborations I work for the Research Data Services group which is involved with developing interoperable data management solutions. These include the open data platform Mendeley Data (, the online electronic lab notebook Hivebench (, and the data search engine DataSearch ( I focus on enhancing and enabling open science collaborations between academics, researchers, and communities of practice to Elsevier’s content collections, tools and platforms. I also co-founded the multi-stakeholder organization Force11, and am actively involved in the Research Data Alliance, the AGU FAIR Data group, the National Data Service and the Science Gateways conference.”

Q: Have you ever attended an RDAP Summit before?

Jean: “This will be my first RDAP Summit.”

Anita: “I attended my first RDAP Summit last year, and was very impressed.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Summit?

Jean: “Meeting others interested in data management and science.”

Anita: “Of the hundreds of conferences I’ve attended in my career, I have never heard people listen so well to each other. That’s what struck me most about RDAP, and I’m very excited to go back and partake in more listening. I am particularly interested in hearing practical, workfloor experiences of librarians regarding research data management practices. This practice is changing and evolving very rapidly, and at RDAP this evolution comes to the fore.”

Q: What data-thing or project has you the most excited right now?

Jean: “Elsevier has many solutions to address the needs of researchers along the research lifecycle. It is fun to learn how these tools can be applied.”

Anita: “I am thrilled to see how the diversity of contributors to open scholarship and open science is extending organically. Initiatives such as Data Carpentry and Library Carpentry are supporting librarians in joining these development. This is changing how science and scholarship are conducted, communicated, and shared. It is allowing new voices at the table, and new groups to join the discourse.”

Q: What else should the RDAP community know about you and Elsevier?

Jean: “I’m eager to learn of librarians’ needs as they related to research data and researcher partnerships.”

Anita: “We are very committed to serving and improving scholarship, and the data library community is at the forefront. Change is afoot, in many ways, and we believe that we can be a constructive partner in the many new directions data and information science scholars and practitioners are spearheading. We want to hear what we need to do to help make this vision a reality.”