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RDAP 2019 - 2020 Leadership

Executive Board

President: Tobin Magle, Science and Engineering Data and Information Specialist, University of Wisconsin

Vice President: Jen Darragh, Senior Research Data Management Consultant, Duke University Libraries

Treasurer: Christopher Eaker, Data Curation Librarian at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Secretary: Joanna Thielen, Biomedical Engineering Librarian, University of Michigan

Past President: Erica Johns (2018 - 2019)

Chairs of Action Committees

Conference Planning: Teresa Schultz

Education and Resources Co-chairs: Amy Koshoffer and Chris Wiley

Marketing: Cameron Cook

Publishing: Regina Fisher Raboin (special advisor) and Tina Griffin

Sponsorship: Megan O'Donnell

Website: Matthew Harp

Members of Action Committees

Conference Planning Committee:

Elena Azadbakht, Heather Barnes, Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, Elizabth Coburn, Abigail Goben, Amelia Kallaher, Alicia Krzton, Lora Leligdon, Natalie Meyers, Zsuzsanna Nemeth, Rebecca Olson, Jonathan Petters, Nick Ruhs, Mara Sedlins, Yasmeen Shorish, John Watts, Rachel Woodbrook

Education & Resources Committee:

Kotrayya Agadi, Kate Barron, Paul Bern, Kay Kuhlmeier Bjornen, Kristin Briney, Adrienne Canino, Melissa Chomintra, Anglea Clear, April Clyburne-Sherin, Elizabth Coburn, Karen Coghlan, Leslie Delserone, Jennifer Doty, Abigail Goben, Tess Grynoch, Gabriele Hayden, Sophie Hou, Courtney Kearney, Mark Laufersweiler, Lora Lennertz, Kendra Levine, Natalie Meyers, Zsuzsanna Nemeth, Rebecca Olson, Amanda Rinehart, Nick Ruhs, Kayla Siddell, Plato Smith, Gretchen Sneff, Mayank Trivedi, Ateanna Uriri, John Watts, Jonathan Wheeler

Marketing Committee:

Cameron Cook, Shirley Zhao, Heather Ganshorn, Sophie Hou, Elena Azadbakht, Kristin Briney, Adrienne Canino, Kendra Levine, Renee Walsh, Reid Otsuji, Laura Palumbo, Nikhil Joshi

Membership Committee:

Mary Ellen Sloane, Nick Ruhs, Kat Koziar, Jonathan Bohan, Reid Otsuji


Courtney Kearney, Caitlin Bakker, Sara Mannheimer, Alicia Krzton, Mayank Trivedi, Kendra Levine, Lora Lennertz, Amanda Rinehart, Heather Coates, Leslie Delserone, Gabriele Hayden, Renaine Julian, Ateanna Uriri, Sawyer Newman


Trisha Adamus, Tisha Mentnech, Plato Smith, Heather James


Reid Boehm, Sawyer Newman


The RDAP community brings together a variety of individuals, including data managers and curators, librarians, archivists, researchers, educators, students, technologists, and data scientists from academic institutions, data centers, funding agencies, and industry who represent a wide range of STEM disciplines, social sciences, and humanities.


Mailing Address:
1985 W. Henderson Road, #2321
Columbus, OH 43220



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