Our Bylaws voting has completed!

The voting period was from Dec 11, 2018- January 4, 2019 and was open to the RDAP community (defined as those currently subscribed to the listserv). RDAP community members should have received a voting link via the RDAP listserv.

Please know that your continued engagement is what makes this community strong and makes the association (still in its infancy, but developing every day) possible. Because our Bylaws address our governance structure, I wanted to note a few things for folks who are catching up on the progress of the RDAP Association and/or need a refresher.

From mid-2016 through early 2018, a group called the Future Vision Task Force (FVTF), originally a subset of the  conference planning committee and later made up of volunteers solicited through the RDAP listserv, set forth to examine RDAP’s relationship with its parent organization ASIS&T and possible future directions. The task force conducted research, shared progress with the community, received feedback from the community, and made recommendations for the future of RDAP at the 2018 Summit. The recommendation was independence from any parent organization and the community voted in favor.

At the RDAP 2018 Summit and through listserv communications following the summit, volunteers or nominations were made for the Executive Board and Action Committees (conference planning, sponsorship, marketing, education, publishing). As noted in the FVTF Report, Executive Board elections were held following the ACRL nomination model and coordinated by Yasmeen Shorish and Andrew Johnson (both active in ACRL and members of the FVTF). The Executive Board members volunteered or were nominated without a competing community member and were thus given the position for a one year term without the need for an election. The FVTF suggested that I (Erica M. Johns) be the inaugural president to keep the institutional knowledge of the FVTF within the Board during its first year.

The Executive Board considers this year transitional, as there has been much work to get the association formed;  after the Bylaws are voted upon, we will begin our work on initiating an election process and developing a membership model. A few logistics have to be resolved before a membership model can be developed, but they will be added to the Bylaws in the future. We are currently looking for a code of conduct officer who can be the unbiased point person for feedback that needs to be shared with the board, more on this soon.

To review the documents and survey results (such as the FVTF report, independence vote, values response, etc.) please see our OSF page here: .